Operation Can’t Touch This

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What is “Operation Can’t Touch This”?

Operation Can’t Touch This is a unique program designed to end sexual harassment once and for all in organizations.  While neo-traditional methods have made a few victims wealthy, most victims don’t see any remedy let alone a MASSIVE award.   As a society, we have condoned this behavior for centuries and sometimes rewarded it.

Our Promise

To the victims – no longer will you suffer harassment in the workplace or anywhere else in your life.

To the harasser’s – “your misdeeds will be shown to the world”

To our supports – “thank you for your continued support – please continue to spread the word and help us end the harassment.”

Our Process

Survey – we sit down with administrators to understand the issues in the organization.  Then we sit down with the staff to get the real story of what goes on.  Our unique method allows us to dive deep into the issues.

Revise the program – after we understand the issues unique to the organization, we revise the existing programs.  This includes putting pieces into place that didn’t exist and remove items that don’t work.

Committee – Our program requires a new method of dealing with policy violators and that means we need a special task force to oversee the program.  We hand select staff and third parties to sit on your committee so you get true value out of the program.

Training – training is the key.  After we have the pieces in place, we train staff and administrators on the program and how to deal with sexual harassment.  And we have a surprise for everyone – self-defense training.

Self Defense Training

We bring in our professional trainers to provide an 8-hour women’s self-defense course.  After this, we work with the local professional who will teach and reinforce our curriculum.


Stay Up To Date with our 2 Hour AB1825 California Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors.

This 2-hour course is designed to meet the California regulations under AB 1825 and AB 2053 (Abusive Conduct)

This course contains online videos, audio and text.