Your P.E. class is public enemy number one

I regularly walk school campuses throughout the State of California and last week something hit me like a brick to the back of the head.  Physical Education isn’t physical, it is simply outdoor socializing.

Last week I saw more PE teachers sitting a top chairs on asphalt watching kids do nothing than I ever have.  There was no organization, no team sports, no drills, no exercise.  Simply put, the school let the kids go outside to get some fresh air and talk.  Looked more like a prison than a school.

When the media reports that 60 to 80 percent of our population is obese or bordering obese, they are not joking and you can literally see it in the kids today.

Last month I wrote about the Future of Risk being complexity.  And it’s taken its toll on health and nutrition also.  The information overload is immense.  Just trying to figure out what one should eat on a daily basis requires a master class anymore.  Calories, fats, proteins, carbs, saturated fat, and the list goes on.  The options and choices are endless.  So, we need something simple like 300ND Fitness (book available soon) to combat all this complexity.  At the end of the day it’s simple just like Julian Michaels said “it’s calories in and calories out.”

Burn more, eat less.  And that requires that we move.  And move a lot.  The Art of Manliness wrote a nice article on the topic and introduced the Indiegogo campaign to bring back real physical fitness to our schools.  If you watch the video, take a good look at all the kids, they are in top physical condition and they are doing exercises that are now part of a TV show called American Ninja Warrior.  Any of these kids could have won the American Ninja Warrior.

Health and nutrition, specifically physical fitness, starts with youth.  And it manifests itself later in life with grades, performance, injury, depression and much more.  As risk managers we can take the first step in eliminating the complex obesity problem and put in an employee fitness program like 300ND.  Enjoy the video.







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