Play the Office Hazard Game – it’s free

There are 20 hazards in the office below.  Move your mouse around and see if you can find them all.  When your mouse pointer changes, you have found a hazard, just give it a second and it will tell you what the hazard is.

office hazard game

Aisle width less than 28 or 36 No door handle Blocked exit aisle Watercooler not secured to wall Blocked egress path Non approved applicances Microwaves must be in kitchens Trip hazard Daisy chaining electrical cords prohibited Powertools not properly stored Non approved space heater Missing exit signage TV not secured to wall Filing cabinet drawers left open Pesticides not approved - no msds Materials within 18 inches of sprinkler Fire extinguisher not mounted Bookshelf not secured Standing on Chair Compressed Gas Cyclinder Not On Floor



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