Are you making your wellness program unhealthy?

Are you making your wellness program unhealthy?
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wellness programIn this episode of The Risk Control Show we will focus on wellness and fitness programs with the 27-year veteran Judi Ulrey.  Judi is the owner of Fitness Consulting, Inc.  a firm specializing in wellness programs for schools and organizations alike.  Judi has published 100’s of articles, produced 100’s of videos and consulted with countless organization on fitness and wellness programs.  Today Judi will help us assess if we are putting poison in our wellness program and how we  can focus on the right things.

Don’t Focus On Obesity

People are tired of hearing they are overweight, fat and unhealthy.  If you really want to work on the cycle of self-improvement, then you have to reward your employees for the good behavior’s they exhibit.  Focus in on fun and rewarding programs that focus on actions that you want your employees to do.

Breathe Deeply

Judi explains her motto as Eat Healthy, Move A Lot and Breathe Deeply.  Doing this 3 simple things can help set you on the right track to living a healthy fit life.

Time is Running Out

In this day and age, time is a priceless commodity.  Earning someone’s time is a difficult task. You really must have good marketing messages, make your programs accessible and fun and be where your employees and customers are.

The Core Corner

What’s in your corner?   Corners are rarely used for productive space in an office, so why not use it to place some creative exercise equipment.  Judi explains how to turn these dust bunny spaces into a corner of inspiration.

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