Baby Steps – Get amazing results

Baby Steps – Get amazing results

Most people are afraid of baby steps, but those same small baby steps can help you achieve massive results.  Listen in here.

Show Notes

It’s another episode of Tuesday Thoughts with Steve.

Here guys, I got to talk about baby steps as Darren Hardy of SUCCESS magazine once said, it is the compound effect or as Ryan Michler of Order of Man talks about, it is the consistency trumps talent. And a lot of times I hear this, “Oh we take baby steps. It takes so long. It takes so long.” Yeah, it would be great to pick up and run and just get everything done that you need to get done. But I think what you got to realize is that the baby steps represent activity. And the activity is what actually helps you achieve your goals, and it actually helps you achieve the results that you are looking to achieve. So yes, baby steps can seem annoying but what do all babies do? Eventually they jog, run, walk, they get to their destination. And it is with that understanding that we can put baby steps into the appropriate place which is, it is a-ok to take baby steps as long as those baby steps are moving forward.

We’re just compounding on the activity that we’re doing and sometimes that’s what it takes, but it’s okay because with that we can achieve massive and monster results, if we just do the activity. So stop looking at it as baby steps and start looking at it as activity. I’m doing the activity so for example, if you continue to smoke cigarettes everyday of your life and you’re smoking a little puff at a time, you will finally get cancer, most likely. I know there’s always those folks out there that say, “Oh well, I’ve been smoking for forty years I don’t have cancer.” Just wait, let’s see what happens. But again, if you keep eating ice cream, one little bite everyday, two little bites everyday, three little bites everyday, guess what? Ultimately those pounds add up. And the same thing with the programs. If you write three sentences a day in a month, you’re going to have a policy. If you review one page of your policy a day, guess what? At the end of the year you’ve reviewed all of your policies.

So those baby steps, even though they’re small, they’re incremental and I talked about this in one of my other thoughts, the increments of change. Again, it is just getting the activity done. So don’t be dissuaded by those small steps. Don’t be dissuaded by those little increments of change, those little compounds because they do add up and it’s okay. And I think we have to look at that and say, “You know what? I’m making some progress.” And I talk about this a lot in our wellness program, the 300ND Fitness. It’s not about trying to lose 40 pounds, because if you don’t hit that mark, if you don’t lose weight every single time you weigh in, you’re going to fall off the track. But if you change your goals to the activity, if you change it to burning 300 calories, if you change it to writing three sentences, if you change it to reading three sentences or page of a book or studying fifteen minutes, at the end of awhile, a month, two months, a year, three years, you are much more educated. You are much more physically fit. You’re further along in your programs.

I learned this also after my divorce, I went into the martial arts and started studying Krav Maga. And I see this now because at the time I’ve just given up on everything and I had said, “I’m just going to go study those and I don’t care what it takes. I’m just going to do it, and I’m going to keep showing up.” And that was my secret. That was the secret to being good at this and hitting hard and achieving those things. And I see people now that are graduating from the basics into the advance classes and they’re coming in for their first advance class and they’re training with me or somebody else and I hear them say, “Oh I don’t hit harder. I don’t have this technique down.” And my single piece of advice to them is do the activity. Just keep showing up. Because you can’t learn everything all at once, and you can’t get it all, all at once. But over time, you will correct those little things and then you’ll be hitting hard and you’ll be doing the techniques and you’ll be stronger, better, faster, smarter, all of those things.

So, don’t view the baby steps, this is the bottom line, don’t view the baby steps as a bad thing. View them as something good. You’re continuously striving for taking small measured activity and it’s compounding and you’re being consistent and ultimately you’ll get the results that you’re looking for. I hope that this helps you and I hope to see you again on another Tuesday Thoughts. Don’t forget to check out some of our other blogs and specifically don’t miss out on this Campfire Mastermind. This is our elite group of risk managers. We’re doing some really great things in there. We’re helping to hold each other accountable and achieve fantastic things. So, make sure you stop by Check that out and join. It’s worth every single penny. You’re going to get ten times value out of it and I hope to see you there. Talk to you soon.

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