Emergency Management Leadership – An Interview with Dr. Craig Zachlod

Emergency Management Leadership – An Interview with Dr. Craig Zachlod
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Leadership skillsMuch has been written on the topic of success, but do the principles of leadership apply to emergency events when everyone is under such extreme pressures?  Disasters and emergency events may be the ultimate testing grounds for your leadership skills.  Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader?

You might be surprised to learn that the central theme of leadership is “communication”.  Communication permeates everything we do in life – whether we are buying lunch or rolling out a new emergency response program, we need to communicate our wants, desires, and vision.  But how does that play in to emergency situations?

Emergency situations require that you work with many people from varying backgrounds and sometimes without the luxury of having previously built rapport with them.  Your communication skills will certainly determine your success as well as the successful outcome of the emergency event.

We spoke with Dr. Craig Zachlod, the President of Global Community College, Inc. a firm specializing in emergency management for the educational community, on the topic of success and leadership.  Join us for this 30 minute interview and find out what Dr. Zachlod believes makes a successful emergency manager.  Listen to Dr. Zachlod’s interview here.

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