Has advertising gone too far? SB1295 doesn’t think so.

Has advertising gone too far? SB1295 doesn’t think so.
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Two bills are in the Senate which aim to put commercial advertising on school buses in California.  SB1295 and SB1518 want to put a little extra cash back in school district’s pockets with additional sources of revenues. With 7 States already allowing commercial advertising on school buses, California certainly won’t lead the charge, but its revenues certainly could.

The question we have to ask is will this compromise the student safety be increasing the number of distractions drivers need to deal with while on the road?  Supports of the advertising will tell you that there is no data to support safety concerns, but then again, poor data capture methodologies and a lack of studies are the reason for no data.

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Here’s the Senate’s commentary on why we need this bill.

            This bill seeks to provide schools with a new source 
            of revenue by allowing school districts to sell advertising 
            space on the exterior of school buses.  According to the 
            author, the new revenue generated by these ad sales could be 
            spent by schools on any program lacking funding, such as bus 
            service, arts and music programs, sports, science labs, or 
            even retaining teachers.  In addition, the author contends 
            that existing law allows school districts to sell advertising 
            space inside school buses, on the exterior of school 
            buildings, at lunch tables, in hallways, in publications, and 
            in sports facilities.  The author notes that the bill is 
            intentionally permissive, allowing each school district to 
            choose whether or not to participate and how it might spend 
            the resulting revenue.

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