Leadership Principles with Terrie Norris, former President of ASSE

Leadership Principles with Terrie Norris, former President of ASSE
The Risk Control Show

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Meet Terrie Norris

terrie norris of asseIn this episode of The Risk Control Show we are gong to peak behind the curtain and find out what it takes to be a world leader in safety and health.  Terrie, the former President of ASSE, explains what it was like to lead a world-wide organization and gives great advice to safety professionals everywhere on how to become the leader you want to be.

Terrie Norris explains her Bamboo principles, how to lead volunteers and how those leadership skills help you in your career.  We also talk about what contributed to Terrie’s success and what her future leadership plans are.  Join us for this exciting episode.  Terrie on LinkedIn

Leadership is about Listening

Terrie explains her philosophy on leadership – listening to everyone in the room.  Leadership is not about getting there in a hurry.  As John Maxwell states, if you turn around and no one is behind you, your not leading your just taking a walk.  Listening to your team and stepping back are key factors in helping any group move forward.

Terrie’s Recommended Reading List

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Steve has 92 books on his ReadingList by Amazon.  You can view this list by viewing Steve’s LinkedIn profile at the bottom of the page.

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