How to Protect Your School or Small Business Against Cyber Attacks

How to Protect Your School or Small Business Against Cyber Attacks
The Risk Control Show

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Protect your School or Small Business

Ever wonder why criminals want to attack your computer network systems and what they do once they get the information?  In this podcast, we will speak with Arlid Jensen, President and CEO of Secos Security, Inc. about cyber security. protect your school from cyber attacks Arlid will provide you with excellent tips to protect yourself and your systems against cyber attacks – covering everything from networks systems, laptops, flash drives, the cloud and password management.

The world is becoming a smaller place with evermore connectivity.  Hackers have all day and night to work on cracking your system and when they do they hit the jackpot.  Cashing in on thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you happen to look around your room right now, you might find a laptop, desktop, smart phone, e-reader device, flash drive many other devices.  While these devices are making our life easier, they are also making the life of cyber attackers even easier.  Protecting your devices in one step in the fight against cyber crime.

So, how do cyber criminals do it?  Find out how to protect your school or small business in this exciting episode of The Risk Control Show.

Tips to Fight Cyber Crime

This episode contains many tips on preventing cyber attacks, here are just a few from Arlid Jensen:

  • Arlid recommends reading the book The Checklist Manifesto which is available on Amazon and will help you close out internal employee access when the employee resigns or is fired.
  • Use current software
  • Update your antivirus daily
  • Use strong passwords
  • Encrypt your data
  • Be suspicious
  • Find a good consultant
  • much, much, more…

You can listen into this podcast below or grab it on iTunes by searching for Wilmes in the iTunes Store


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