Ep 100. Privacy Risk In The Cloud

Ep 100. Privacy Risk In The Cloud
The Risk Control Show

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Episode 100. Privacy Risk In The Cloud is a reboot for The Risk Control Show as we change gears and add a new co-host, Mike Nease.

In this episode, we discuss Privacy Risk In the Cloud, what “The Cloud” is and what privacy concerns you should have in regards to it. Now, you’re probably asking “What is ‘the Cloud’ anyway?” In reality, The Cloud refers to certain software and services that run on the Internet, instead of on your local computer. Most of these “Cloud” services can be accessed through a Web Browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and many can be accessed through native applications both on computers and mobile devices. Files shared through these services are then uploaded to remote servers and then delivered to all connected devices. As you can imagine, systems like this can be very difficult to track in regards to privacy and security.

Privacy Risk In The Cloud

“Don’t have this idea that ‘THE CLOUD’ is some mythical vapor that lays over the earth on some sattelite. It’s just a physical hard drive in a computer on a much larger scale…”

~Steve Wilmes


Cyber Security
How can we continue to use these Cloud-based services while ensuring privacy and security inside our organizations? We discuss this and more inside the episode.

“Don’t come into this with the assumption that everyone handling your data is benevolent. You need to assume that there are wolves among the herd.”

~ Mike Nease

Some Of What We Cover In The Episode:

  • How To Protect Your Data
  • How to make sure everyone in your organization understands your privacy policies
  • How to secure the existing cloud platforms you are using

“Don’t let your emotions get involved in your professional environment. When emotions start to get involved, just go ahead and grab a piece of paper, write the word ‘logic’ on it, wad it up and throw it in the trash.”

~Mike Nease

Here’s is a list of popular “Cloud” services:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box.com
  • Apple iCloud
  • Microsoft OneDrive

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