Ep 105. How To Control Sexual Harassment Risk

Ep 105. How To Control Sexual Harassment Risk
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Ep 105. How To Control Sexual Harassment Risk

These days, sexual harassment is something that needs to be on all of our radars, both to ensure that we don’t do it and that it stays out of our workplace. When it comes to sexual harassment training, most risk managers only focus on training. And while it seem like that might be enough, it’s NOT. You have to go the next step and create a secure plan for prevention before any of these incidents happen and for how you will respond in the case that they happen.


“I can never figure out why risk managers would create environments where sexual harassment can take place” ~ Steve Wilmes


What Steps Can You Take To Prevent Sexual Harassment In Your Workplace?

1. You have to admit that sexual harassment can occur in your workplace

We have to be able to admit that this is the truth in order to be able to mitigate it.

2.Assess your risk

What does our environment look like?
Have we done training?
Have we blocked websites?
Have we trained supervisors how to stop this stuff
Get the board’s support on your sexual harassment policy
Establish authority with your HR person to take charge of these
Have all your ducks in a row. Once the charge comes through – the complaint or the claim – you should be ready to react to it. You shouldn’t be scrambling to know what to do.
When 2 people in the workplace want to date, you can have a relationship contract that the two employees sign willingly.


“This really is an issue of workplace culture. You have to set the overall tone of the environment as a safe environment where these types of behaviors are not tolerated.” ~Mike Nease

Unconventional Sexual Harassment Situations

We all probably have an idea of what we think sexual harassment looks like, especially if we’ve never experienced it first hand. Here are a couple of unconventional circumstances that you might not have considered that can put you at risk of sexual harassment:
  • Inappropriate Jokes
    • Everyone likes having fun, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Whether you’re directly the workplace or in a work related activity, making sure that the jokes you tell are appropriate is highly important, especially when it comes to sexual harassment.
  • Cartoons, posters and other pictures of inappropriate
    • The visual is the one that gets everyone in trouble because it can happen when you’re not even there. Think about your work environment and the things you have in it. Do you or your workers have inappropriate posters, cartoons or other pictures in the workplace? If there is any question about it, get rid of it.
“It all comes down to your sexual harassment policy as another thing that can help prevent this. Holding true to the policy is what’s important.” ~Steve Wilmes

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