Pointless Innovations

Innovation!  It’s the name of the game.  We tell our employees “be creative,” “be different,” “go create” and “make something special.”  Anything to make the program better, reduce risk and get people engaged.  However, there is a considerable downside to this line of thinking, especially in the world of risk management.  What the world needs is simpler, useful products that do one thing – work.

What the world doesn’t need

What the world doesn’t need is more pointless innovation.  For all you love birds out there, this past week brought Valentines Day.  To celebrate, I bought two Garmin GPS units for my lady.  Part of the risk management and emergency plan when she takes her hiking trips to the middle of nowhere.  Redundancy and a lifeline all in one.   What’s the point of this story – simple, to illustrate innovation that doesn’t matter.

Now, I should have known when Garmin bought Tritronics that their product line was sinking.  Tritronics was a great company that did one thing very well – build electronic dog collars.  Garmin came in with a bunch of fancy buttons and weak performance.  The same holds for the GPS units.  The GPS units promised direct downloads of maps and weather.  Both of these units even featured calculators.  Okay, all fancy stuff, but at the end of the day, the features that you want and need most don’t work without a WiFi or Bluetooth connection to your phone.  What’s the point?

The Point

Isn’t the point of buying a standalone GPS unit to forgo the phone.  If you are standing in the middle of nowhere with internet connections via your phone, then I can assume that you can also use the GPS functions on the phone.  So why would you need the GPS unit?  Isn’t the point to be able to navigate without the phone?  And who needs another weather app or a calculator?

And that brings us to the point about many of our risk management plans, policies, investments and the like.  What do you need?  When you buy software, do you need something that replicates functions you already have?  Do you need insurance policies that provide the coverage you already have or never utilize anyway?  Not really. So stop asking for and accepting features that you don’t need.  Instead, ask to trade those features for things you will use.


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