Pokemon Go meets Bird Box and the results are disasterous

Challenge Accepted

Just when you think the human race has smartened up, another social media challenge shows us how really stupid we are.  Years ago Pokemon Go hit the market and shortly after people were so ensconced in the game they were walking into traffic, falling off curbs, into lakes,  and so much more.   I was reminded of the song “Dumb Ways To Die” (see below for a bit of fun).  For more stupidity, check out our Don’t Be Stupid podcasts.

Now Bird Box, a great movie by Netflix, debuted and took the internet by storm.  The movie really is great and if you haven’t watched it, you should.  But since the human race needs to be more extreme and put a challenge to everything, the Bird Box challenge was born.   The challenge is to blindfold yourself and try to navigate real life.   And just like Pokemon Go, people are walking off curbs, into traffic, lakes and glass doors.

As risk managers in cities and schools, you are likely to see more and more of these insane challenges.  It’s a good time for public service announcements and social media messaging.  In addition, it’s a great time to update staff on these current events.

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