Pressure Washer Tips – do you know what the colors mean?

Pressure washer tips

Pressure washers can be dangerous tools and adding tips to the wand without knowing what they mean raises that danger level. Each wand tip is color coded to tell you the degree/angle of the stream, but there are also stamped numbers on the tip that tell you much more.

The first two numbers tell you the degree – 0, 15, 25, and 45.  And the last two numbers tell you the gallons per minute of flow the tip lets out.  That number is very important because if it is lower than the gpm that the pump is sending, pressure builds and that when bad things happen.  Know your tips, numbers and what they do.

  • Red – zero degree
  • Yellow – 15 degrees
  • Green – 25 degrees
  • White – 45 degrees

Below is a picture of a tip with the numbers stamped at the collar.  And further down the page is another image showing the varying spray patterns tips generate.

pressure washer tipspressure washer tips

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