Pressure Washer Training

Pressure washer training

We have teamed up with Randy Bishop to bring pressure washer training to California.  Randy has worked in the pressure washer industry for more than a decade designing and building systems, doing consultations for manufacturers and best of all he has used most of the industry’s equipment at one time or another.  Randy brings a level of knowledge to the training that is unrivaled.



Pressure Washer Training Topics Covered

  • PPE requirements
  • System design
  • Where to get water
  • Proper water filters
  • Securing the area
  • What to do with waste water
  • Storage issues
  • Starting and stopping the equipment
  • Fuel
  • Water temperatures
  • Cleaning stubborn surfaces
  • Tips/nozzles/wands and other attachments
  • Matching equipment to the pump
  • Water flow rates
  • Ergonomics
  • Tips, tricks and other inside information
  • and much more..


pressure washer training pressure washer training

Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here.

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