February 27, 2014

Rapid InService Courses®


No time, no budget, no worries.  Rapid InService Courses® training has been designed to meet the demands of zero budget and zero training time.


timetimeDouble-time learner!  That’s right, Rapid InService® online training is built for speed, delivering courses like lighting.  Rapid InService Courses® learners can complete 4 times as many trainings in the same amount of time other online learners complete one.  Say good bye to boring, long, drawn-out safety and risk management training.  Did you know that Cal-OSHA has identified 103 trainings that must be provided to employees.  That’s approximately 7% of your working year just to complete training and that’s if each training only last 1 hour – many are much longer.  No one has that kind of time.

All of our courses are available 24/7/365 worldwide.

flippedclassWe didn’t just flip the classroom, we turned it upside down.  Safety and risk management training has remained the same for far too long.  Most training packs 15 minutes of content into an hour long presentation.  Boring!  Rapid InService Courses® is a new experience with embedded reliability and validity, so your employees can actually learn something they don’t know.

selfchallengeThe best reward is the one you want.  Our patent-pending lesson design is inherently motivational.  The more you know about the topic the faster you can complete training.  It is this inherent reward that makes people want to learn what they don’t know and that reward keeps people learning the entire year. 100percentAlready know the answer? Good, let’s move on.     Traditional testing lets you walk out the door with a score of 70% and some serious misunderstandings. It’s those details in the 30% that can cause serious injury or death.  Remember we are studying safety and risk management here.  Rapid InService Courses® maintains 100% positive learning for every learner every time. By focusing only on the things that a learner doesn’t know, we are able to spend time where it matters – filling in the gaps.  Rapid InService Courses® reinforces the missing concepts with real people telling you real information in terms that you can understand. surprisefreeWhen it comes to our wallets, we hate surprises.  That’s why we offer a single annual flat fee.  No per employee pricing.  No per student pricing.  Just one single payment to train everyone in your organization for the entire year.  No kidding.  Really, we are not kidding.  Just one annual flat fee.   Individual, group and corporate plans are available.

Help & Support

As with any Wilmes, LLC product, we are here for you.  We made sure that you get the support you need, whether it’s on the phone or over email.  We’ve also included a participant forum in each of our courses, so you can chat with other trainees, research questions, and much more.

Rapid InService Courses Explained – Understand it better – download our learning taxonomy

Current Courses

Personal Protective Equipment – Feet

Personal Protective Equipment – Hands

Personal Protective Equipment – Head & Face

Personal Protective Equipment – Eyes & Face

Personal Protective Equipment – Body

Heat Illness

Bloodborne Pathogens

Fire Extinguisher Training

Courses Coming Soon

Access to Medical Records


Other Benefits & Features

  • Cut to the chase – no long music or video intros
  • Real people talk to you – not computer assisted voices
  • Made for schools and cities
  • Topics you really use

That’s Outrageous!

Think it’s too good to be true?  Discover the truth for yourself – try it free today.  Call 310.947.9348 to get your free code.

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