The real world is a rough place – it’s time to learn tactical training for the real world

It’s time to face the facts, the real world is a very barbaric and violent place. The recent UCLA shooting is a reminder of this. It also marked a major change among the American public’s psyche. What was that change?

It is this – school shooting and school violence is now the new normal.

The response from students interviewed during the UCLA shooting was blahzay, nonchalant and just another day.  School shootings are so common place now that it has just become another part of our day.  We may survive the event, but the reality is that some people will loose their lives.  As a leader of a school and protector of children/students it is time that we get seriously ready to deal with the real world.  It time that we understand that the world is violent and that these events will happen and that the more open our world becomes the more likely it is that we will encounter these events.

Our friends over at Order of Man interviewed Tony Sentmanat about his service in SWAT and the Military and his new business RealWold Tactical.  Check it out here.


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