Fall Protection Force Calculator

The Force Calculator

Use the below force calculator to calculate the force generated when using a fall arrestor. You must use a value in the Stopping Distance of at least 1.

Disclaimer:  Wilmes, LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of this calculator.  By using the calculator, you understand and accept that death or serious injury may occur.  We strongly recommend verifying your fall protection with the manufacturer to ensure it is the correct protection for the job you are doing.

The Force Calculator measures the amount of force placed on a human body due to a fall. This is a great tool to use when teaching fall protection courses or trying to determine the proper lanyard lenght and fall limiting device combination. So, how much force does a 182lb man generate when falling 6 feet with a 1 foot fall arrestor attached? Find out below:

Weight of person in pounds

Free Fall Distance in feet

Stopping/Fall Aresstor Distance (min 1 foot)