Active Shooter Penetration Audits

Many schools will rave about how safety is their first piority, but how many schools actually mean it? When is the last time the school your son or daughter attended has had a safety audit for school shootings? Not too recently right?

At Wilmes LLC we provide profressional safety inspection from school shooters. According, in the past 3 years there have been at least 160 school shootings, over half of these shootings the perpatrator intentionally killed or injured someone with a gun.

Think your facility is safe from active shooters?  Think Again.  Every facility is different.  Every facility has a variety of entry points.  And every facility has different people working in them with different levels of awareness and regard for emergency plans.  This combination of factors creates vulnerability.  A vulnerability you can’t afford to have.

Active shooters spends hours and hours of time looking for holes in your security programs.

That’s why we focus on physically penetrating your facility with a blatant disregard for the rules – just like an active shooter.

Lights, cameras, gates and locks don’t matter if they are broken; pointed in the wrong direction; or more frequently left unlocked.

Our penetration live, raw video and audio capture, GPS tracking so you can see where the vulnerabilities are and how your staff responded to the active shooter entry

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