Risk Control Software Systems

Manage More with Less Effort

Today’s environment demands that we do more with less.  Computers and the software that they run have streamlined many of the functions that we perform on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, many software programmers try to solve the risk control problems by proxy.  Our risk control software bridges that gap.

Steve Wilmes has worked in the risk control industry for 20 years – facing the same challenges you do on a daily basis.  This unique perspective has helped Steve create many software systems to streamline daily functions – from ergonomic databases, HR information systems, workers compensation management systems, project databases, and many more.

ErgoSelfie.com – Ergonomic Self Evaluations

The Ergo Selfie is designed to evaluate you and your workstation so you can experience ergonomic bliss while typing away at work or just hanging around on your home computer.

Safety, Work Comp and Emergency Supply Calculators

Our innovative team has taken the guesswork out of many things, including building emergency supply lists.  Try them, there free.

California School RFP’s and Bidding – a community to post rfp’s, rfq’s and bids for free

Safety Solution Calculator – calculates whether a safety program is worth the money

Home Emergency Supply Kit Calculator – calculates the supplies you need to build a kit for your home

School Emergency Supply Kit Calculator – calculates the supplies a school needs to keep its students safe

Worker’s Compensation Fraud Calculator – estimates the fraud index of a claim, let’s you determine if you need an AOE/COE or subrosa

Lockout Tagout/Blockout Online

We have created a minimal viable product to manage your lockout tagout program.  The program is designed to track your machines, locksets, authorized employees and much more.  The program is constantly being improved.  To learn more visit Lockout Tagout Online

Integrated Pest Management

Schools face huge problems in distributing information to parents and the community.  One such required piece of public information is the integrated pest management program.  We have created a unique software program to take the hassle out of notify parents and the community.  Learn more at IPM Notification Systems

Custom Risk Control Software Systems

Sometimes you have a need that is so specific, you need a custom application.  As we mentioned above, Steve has created systems to manage many risk control, safety, work comp, and hr systems.  When it comes to Risk Control – We can build just about any system you need to help you manage your organization.







Asbestos Tracker


Safety Inspection Tracker

On the Horizon

Insurance Certificate Tracking Systems – a system to track all your insurance needs.  The official name is SKOUT.  Get ready – it’s going to be really good.