April 15, 2012

TrainMyCrew Online Training

An Online Training Platform Like No Other

TrainMyCrew is an online training center focused on offering the latest training from the industry’s best trainers.
Tons of Trainers

Sure you like certain trainers and so do we, but everyone needs a little variety in their online training program.  That’s why we offer several trainers covering multiple topics.

Tons of Online Courses

trainmycrew online training

You don’t want to go to 14 places to get all the training you need and now you don’t have to.  Train My Crew focuses on hosting a large variety of courses so you can focus on what matters – training your staff.

Cost-Effective Online Training

We’ve calculated it before and we will say it again.  You can spend your entire work year completing required training.  The worst part is that all that training costs big bucks, so we decided to offer low-cost training, so you do all the training you need to and still have money left over to actually run the business.  We have individual, group and corporate plans available.

Around-the-Clock Training

Our online training program is available to you 24/7/365 no matter where in the world you are.


With this option you can select the courses you like and pay for them when you are ready to start the training program.

Train-My-Crew Flat Fees

If you are a larger organization and want to offer training to all your staff, you can do so with our Flat Fee option.  Pay a one-time fee for all your annual  training needs.

Smaller Groups

Whether you are a large group or small group, we will have a Flat Fee option for you.

Help & Support

Each of our courses is equipped with Forums which are accessible to all training participants.  Here you can research your questions, communicate with other course participants and ask the questions you have.  In addition, our phone and email is always on, so if you want to communicate directly with one of us, you can do so.

Other Benefits

  • Real people talk to you – not computer assisted voices
  • Made for schools and cities
  • Topics you really use

Current List of Courses


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