July 6, 2012

Video Emergency Tabletop Exercises for Schools

Emergency Tabletop Exercises Designed Just For Schools

Emergency tabletop exercises (TTX) should be based in reality – not just the type of emergency, but the reality of the resources available to schools.   Our TTX’s are designed specifically with schools and their resources in mind.  Aimed at provoking thought and finding solutions, our tabletop exercises are brief and provide guidance through the roundtable discussions.  Designed to be delivered via the internet, DVD or on a stand-alone computer, these tabletop exercises can be delivered to audiences everywhere.


Videos are better than PowerPoint and Paper. Period.

When you want to engage your team and open the floodgates of possibility, then give your team the interaction they deserve.  These tabletop videos are designed to let you focus on what you do best, guide your team, not wrestle with subject matter you know nothing about or trying to ad-lib someone else’s PowerPoint presentation.   Our videos are available in common formats to make viewing as easy as 1-2-3.

Emergency Tabletop Exercises for Schools in QuickTime

Emergency Tabletop Exercises for Schools in HD  Emergency Tabletop Exercises for Schools in Windows Media

A Variety of Tabletop Exercise Scenarios

Sure earthquakes are common in California, but they are not the only disaster threat facing your school.  With 29 disaster tabletop drills, you can ensure that your staff are ready to deal with the unexpected.   Each session is approximately 45-60  seconds long, explaining the scenario and then providing questions to be answered during a roundtable discussion.

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