August 8, 2012

Playground Supervision and Maintenance Training

Supervise with Confidence

playground supervision training

The biggest source of playground injuries comes from a lack of supervision, some 44% have been attributed to the issue of supervision.  We designed our Public Playground Supervision course to provide noon aides, teachers and parents with a solid understanding of playgrounds, how to conduct a quick visual inspection, what issues to look out for and what to do if an injury occurs.  This is the perfect course for school districts to require prior to allowing anyone to supervise its playground.Get a sample below.

Maintain Your Playgrounds

Keeping up with maintenance on today’s playground can be a tricky business.  Repair something that the manufacture didn’t approve – warranty voided.  Don’t fix it, lawsuit from the injured child.  In this course, we will walk you thru high and low frequency inspections, what to look for, and when to make those repairs.   Get a sample below.


How it Works

There are 2 basic options for delivering either course (Playground Supervision or Playground Maintenance).

Many school districts like this no-cost, hassle-free option: send each potential playground supervisor to TrainMyCrew to take the course.  The supervisor pays for their course ($9.95) and upon completion will receive a certificate.  The playground supervisor will then print this certificate and take it to the school for verification prior to starting their duties as a playground supervisor.

For school districts who wish to fund the courses for both their employees and volunteers, they can purchase annual membership for unlimited viewing of both of the courses on the TrainMyCrew online training center or they can receive a DVD to play at the school site directly.

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