January 23, 2016

Pressure Washer Training

We have teamed up with Randy Bishop to bring California pressure washer training. Randy has worked in the pressure washer industry for more than a decade and has designed and built systems, consulted for manufacturers and best of all used most of the industry’s equipment. Randy brings a level of knowledge to the training that is unrivaled.  In this 3 hour course, we teach participants the fundamentals of pressure washers and then take them outside for a hands-on demonstration and evaluation with your equipment.

Pressure Washer Training

Pressure Washer Training Topics Covered

  • PPE requirements
  • System design
  • Where to get water
  • Proper water filters
  • Securing the area
  • Pressure vs. surfaces
  • What to do with waste water
  • Storage issues
  • Starting and stopping the equipment
  • Fuel
  • Water temperatures
  • Cleaning stubborn surfaces
  • Tips/nozzles/wands and other attachments
  • Matching equipment to the pump
  • Water flow rates
  • Ergonomics
  • Tips, tricks and other inside information
  • and much more..


California Pressure Washer Training

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