Risk Management Principles for Principals (book)


Whether you need help managing parents, dealing with student injuries or just keep everyone on your campus safe, this book provides the guidance you need to be a great school principal.

I am happy to offer the Risk Management Principles for Principals – A Guide to School Safety, Risk Management and Loss Control for the Modern Principal.  It’s a series of my best articles on school risk management with more than 80 common risk management dilemmas.

  • Emergency situations
  • Chemicals on campus
  • Locking gates
  • Securing computers
  • Playground supervision
  • Pest control
  • Crossing guards
  • Sponsorship
  • OSHA
  • and many more…

“Every school principal should have this book.”

I put this book together at the request of our readers who wanted the essential risk management articles in an easy to read convenient package.  So, I cleaned up our best articles from the last 5 years, added new content and threw in links to important citations.

I am certain you will love this book.  Keep reading for more details.


The economy has thrown schools into a major tailspin.  Many a great Principals have retired leaving their chairs for new and eager Principals.  But the landscape has changed and now the modern Principal has not only to focus on educating students, but being an expert in risk management and safety issues also.

Great Topics

Risk Management Principles for Principals dives deep into the everyday issues that the modern Principal will face and provides them with a road map for avoiding the common obstacles. Exploring issues such as: the use of golf carts, locking gates and bathroom doors, sports equipment, IEP’s and much more.  This book is a great guide for the new or seasoned Principal.



It’s Not Your Aunt’s Textbook

Let’s face it, the modern Principal is crunched for time and the last thing you want to do is read a textbook on risk management.  I wrote this book as if he were sitting in your living room going over all the things that may ruin your career if you didn’t know about them right now.  In a true conversational style I lay out how to deal with more than 80 risk management issues you will soon face as a Principal.

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