Running – a risk worth taking

We have all heard the phrase “no running!”  It is given with good intentions and safety in mind; however, we are at the brink of epic failure as a human race.  And running or the lack thereof, may be the partial root of humankinds’ destruction.

Technology has promised to fine-tune life’s speed setting, but what we see in this non-virtual world, is equates to watching a turtle die of thirst – slow uneasy back and forth.  Congestion, confusion and everything becoming a challenge.

Running – what does it have to do with risk management?

As risk managers being high and drunk on power, seeking praise and accomplishments from an industry that only seeks to increase profits at all costs, they fail to see the true art of risk management. That is to manage risk, not create a world where it doesn’t exist.

But first some careful consideration of the profit seeking industry – insurance.  Insurance is a complicated mechanism with thousands of moving parts.  However; look closely and none of it operates unless the machine hordes dollars for the future and that means more profits.  The industry invests, diversifies and ultimately cuts and carves out risks that deterioriate profits.  And that leaves a very sterile world where risk is shuned like a disease riden stray dog.

Risk managers tend to buy into insurances’ model of risk avoidance and shut down every little thing that in so many ways spells LOSS.  And it usually starts with RUNNING.  But not Les Schwab.

Real Risk Takers

Les Schwab is a cowboy in a modern day world.  The kind of compnay that knows how to compete.  The kind of company that knows what it means to get a job done, done right and on time.  What do they do differently than every other tire company in the world?  They embrace risk – they RUN.  Yes, they RUN.  They hustle up and RUN to the computer, they run thru the shop, they run to grab a part.

If you haven’t been to a Les Schwab tire service center before, I highly recommend you do. It is an amazing sight to behold through risk management eyes.

So, they RUN you think.  Yes, they do.  And taking the risk of running in an automotive shop tops the charts.  Automotive centers are known for fluids hitting the floor, grease and all kinds of other things to slip and trip on.  And as you already know, slips, trips and falls are in the top three leading causes of serious accidents and deaths in the United States both for off adn on duty accidents.  So, why in the heck would Les Schwab take on this risk.  And why would an insurance company voluntarily insure them?  The answer is simple.

Taking on a risk like running has consequences, serious ones.  Because in order to RUN, that means that floors need to be, responsiblity needs to be taken.  Order must be maintained.  If an employee drops something that means they must take responsiblity to pick it up immediately.  If they spill something that means it must be cleaned up immediately.  Housekeeping is a daily activity.  Sweeping, cleaning, degreasing and all other custodial duties must be performed.  And most importantly, every employee must take responsibility for their footwear and ensuring that they come to work prepared.

Take chances

Other consequences, are that people stay in shape or get in shape quickly.  If not, they are gone.  This helps with the hiring process, the ADA process, the health insurance risks and so much more.  Les Schwab is a champion in my risk management book.  And in my personal book of excellent customer service.  No around.  Get in and get out.  Quick and good.

So how many little things have you avoided in the name of safety which have ultimately created a slower, more risky environment for all of your employees.  Have your decisions created a lackidasical pathetic customer service environment, a poor work performance – frankly a fat, lazy unfriendly environment?  If so, its okay, you are not alone.  Most of the United States has subscribed to this insurance model.

Don’t be part of it.  Change it today.  Re-evaluate your risks.  Take on the good ones.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here.

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