Senator Lieu wants your CSSP to become stale and outdated

Fashion designers know it.  OSHA knows it.  California’s Department of Agriculture knows it.  And even you know it.  So, why doesn’t Senator Lieu and Senator Steinberg know it?  You have to stay current and updating your plans annually is one way of doing so.

At a time of Boston Bombings, more and more terrorist threats and school shootings, Senator Lieu and Senator Steinberg have introduced Senate Bill 49 in the 2013-2014 session which seeks to reduce overall school safety through a hand-off approach to school safety plans.

Currently, comprehensive school safety plans are required to be updated annually and for good reason – things change fast.  School modernization changes the layout of campuses, pressure from parents open gates, street closures change traffic patterns and changes in technology create new ways to bully students everyday.

Keeping your plans in sync with your ever changing world is necessary to keep your staff and students in a learning environment that is safe.

Lawmakers are positioning this bill as a time-saver for school districts, but as we all know, it is much easier to dust the house once a week  than it is to do a deep cleaning once every three years.

As of now, SB49 has received no activity since its introduction in February.

Another bill that is looking at the CSSP’s is AB1264, but this only makes minor technical changes in the language which do not affect substance.

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