Series – Branding for Risk Management, Safety & Security – Part 3

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Great, we have identified our customer’s demographics.  Now, we must tackle a slightly different research project regarding our customers – Psychographics!  No, not pyscho as in crazy, but as in what makes them tick.  What motivates our customers to do the things that they do.   What kind of lifestyles do they lead?  Are they an urban trendsetter or a country open-spaces type?  What makes up their value system?  Do they faith in a higher purpose or are they cold corporate types?  What are their goals? Do they want to cut costs or do things on principle?

All of the items are going to help you identify your customers and design communications that actually speak to them.  That’s the idea right?  Actually get their attention and communicate your message to them in that all important Dale Carnegie style….

Think of it this way, let’s say that all your customers care about is the bottom line – your company mission is to provide the most economical service to the customer OR if you are a school, just deliver the state minimum level of education.  How well is your message going to be received if you are trying to deliver the top shelf products and services on a silver lined platter?  Not very well I would venture to say.  See what we are talking about is being congruent with our values and mission.  Being an asset.

Your homework for tonight is to identify these traits and get ready for Part 4.

Here is some classifications from Duct Tape Marketing….

  • Survivors – mostly older, poor, removed from cultural mainstream
  • Sustainers – mostly young, struggling, angry, distrustful
  • Belongers – traditional, home is domain, rather fit in than stand out
  • Emulators – ambitious, competitive, upwardly mobile, material pursuit
  • Experientials – want direct experience, inner growth, art and home
  • I-Am-Mes – young, exhibitionist, impulsive, narcissistic, inventive
  • Achievers – leaders, professionals, status-focus, materialistic, trusting
  • Socially Conscious – responsible, conservation, desire to heal

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