Series – Branding for Risk Management, Safety & Security – Part 4

Now it’s time to tackle a little tougher subject about our ideal customers – “behaviors”.  This one can be difficult to define when you first start thinking about it and it kind of blends in with other areas, such as values and beliefs.  But what we are looking for here are those certain behaviors or patterns that we find in all of our customers.

For example, do a lot of your ideal customers (the fellow employees that you work well with and support your efforts) lead professional orgnaizations? Do they volunteer?  Do they serve on committees?  Do they belong to fitness gyms and work out a lot?  Do they participate in walking groups?  What do they do?  How do they behave?  What are their traits? Buy boats, golf, ski, etc…..

By nailing down this behavior trait you are digging deeper into their wants and desires.  You are drawing a picture as to what helps motivate them, what their values are and the like.

Part 4 is a short exercise and one that doesn’t require a lot of homework, but let’s get to it.  Write it out……  See ya tomorrow.

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