Series – Branding for Risk Management, Safety & Security – Part 5

Geographics! Yes, geographics.  You weren’t expecting that one were you?  Well, every once in awhile we have to take care of the basics and make it easy on ourselves.  Most of the time this is an easy area to identify.  Just pick those zip codes that you physically can support.  But, let’s look at the bigger picture.

In Part 1, we talked about all the customers we have to serve.  Let’s take schools for example.  That’s easy right – the small area around your physical school site and the boundaries that allow students to attend your school.  Not so fast Mrs. Robinson….  Remember what we said, we have to consider all of our customers.  Here are a few questions we should consider: are we served by a police department or fire department that is outsourced by the City we are in?  Do we need to recruit a talented Principal from another goegraphic area?  Are we trying to put our school on the map for federal funding?  Do we need a local hazard mitigation planning grant?  Whatever the case, we need to think larger that the neighborhood park and the 7-11 down the street.

Think big.  Think global.  Think about all those customers that are going to raise the bar and improve your image.  Your BRANDING message has to reach them also.

So, your homework tonight is to determine all those areas that we need to reach.  Write them down.  It can be zip codes, states, specific cities and regions.  Just get a sense of what you are going for – again, we need to craft messages that are going to appeal to those customers just the same!

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