Should school employees follow do not rescuitate (DNR) orders?

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No, you as a school district employee cannot legally follow a DNR order in California.  Only a Medical Doctor can do so.  Even though Education Code Section 49407 allows a parent or guardian to file a DNR or other objection to medical treatment (outside of First Aid), this is a document for school employees to provide to the Emergency Medical Service provider at the time they arrive on scene.  This does not allow you to forego providing First Aid or calling 9-1-1.  See the last line of the section below.

DNR’s are governed by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority who has jurisdiction over the DNR guidelines.  Each local EMS may adopt particular nuisances to the procedures while still following the State’s rules.

All DNR’s must also be signed by the physician.

For more information on DNR facts, go the the CEMSA website


49407.  Notwithstanding any provision of any law, no school
district, officer of any school district, school principal,
physician, or hospital treating any child enrolled in any school in
any district shall be held liable for the reasonable treatment of a
child without the consent of a parent or guardian of the child when
the child is ill or injured during regular school hours, requires
reasonable medical treatment, and the parent or guardian cannot be
reached, unless the parent or guardian has previously filed with the
school district a written objection to any medical treatment other than first aid.

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