So you want to have a haunted house.

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Halloween is almost here and it’s  time to have a little fun scaring our family, friends and neighbors.  What’s the best way to frighten everyone and get their blood pressure going – a haunted house.  So, grab your hammer, nail gun and zombie props- it’s time to get to work.  Not so fast master of horror.  There are rules to follow and permits to get. That’s right, you will need to touch base with your local fire authority and obtain a permit to setup a haunted house that is open to the public – even if it is just temporary.  haunted house

Haunted House Regulations

The California Building Code, California Fire Code and Title 19 all govern the use and construction of a haunted house. Since haunted houses are typically dark and narrow and people tend to bunch up next to each other, they present a serious fire hazard.  So before you start on your haunted house, review your local fire authorities requirements and get the permit.


Most jurisdictions require between 10 and 14 business days to obtain your permit, so plan ahead.   The Orange County Fire Authority publishes a fantastic resource on haunted houses.



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