Social media, feelings, snowflakes and mass shootings

Join us as we discuss snowflakes and mass shootings at length on The Risk Control Show

I don’t know whether to love or hate social media?  One thing is for sure, I am certainly not in the middle on the issue.  On the personal side, I have never really dove into social media because the risk it presents isn’t worth the reward.  On the business side of things, I am pulled into using social media on daily basis.  I use risk management techniques to ensure that our social media accounts remain above board – from a dedicate person to manage the accounts, to review by our software, to legal team reviews.  All in all, a serious endeavor.

As more and more people hop in the social media pool the waters become murky and choppy.  Combining this with the ever growing pull toward entitlement, feelings, intersectional politics, and the softening of the American people, the pool has turned into a festering shark tank.  Companies have stopped being companies with their moves to accommodate every feeling, every entitlement and it is spelling PROBLEM with all capital letters.

How it started

The move to entitlement started with the work-from-home movement which has ended poorly.  Companies like IBM pulled back their work-from-home options because, well frankly, nothing gets done at home.  After the work-from-home movement, we have seen companies good full-tilt on feelings, from Uber’s Heaven Room, to lactation rooms, to changing the name of the War Room to Peace Room and the like.  Then came big tech’s, high-tech methods for connecting people – think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like.  Thanks guys!  You opened the door to expressing feelings exactly when people need to take a deep breath and think about things.  All of this spells trouble for the employee who can’t seem to control their insatiable need to blurt out what ever comes to mind at the moment.  And this isn’t relegated to the little front line people.  Even the big C-suite folks have taken a seat on the feelings train.

How it ends

Most good risk managers know that the National Labor Relations Board protects concerted activities meaning that employees are free to discuss workplace issues publicly, privately with whomever they want.  However, there are always loopholes to these things and we are seeing the ramifications of the loopholes.  Things that were said years ago are being held against individuals (wisely or unwisely) and it is destroying lives and businesses.  The need to focus on feelings and wrap everyone in bubble wrap along with the demise of the American family structure has created a mental weak employee pool which has manifested itself in social media outbursts, less productivity and mass shootings.  What we now call snowflakes and mass shootings.

Should we return

The question becomes, knowing what we do now, should we return to a time and place where we focused less on feelings and more on getting the work done?  Should we even look at our employees social media accounts?  Should we hold training on what work is?  The answers just may spell better workplaces, fewer snowflakes and mass shootings and more productivity.

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