Why speed bumps may be dangerous at schools.

When school lets out, traffic around your school can become dangerous for students and staff.  One solution that often comes to mind is to install speed humps or speed bumps to slow down vehicle operators. Yes, there is a difference – basically, the size of the bump.

If you decide that you would like  to install one these lead foot prevention devices, you should be mindful of the following issues:

  • Noise issues
  • Brake dust issues
  • Water drainage issues
  • Roadway and parking lot ownership issues
  • Stopping distances
  • Spacing issues

Speed humps create all types of issues that are commonly overlooked. When you install a speed hump all of a vehicles flaws start to show themselves. When cars slow down, brakes may squeak and if these speed humps are located too close to a classroom it may interrupt the learning experience.  Worn out shocks and rusty leaf springs turn into ear piercing sounds.

Another consideration is the way rainwater drains from your parking lot and streets. Speed humps may prevent the proper drainage of rainwater which may result in damage to your parking lot and roadways, especially when the weather drops below freezing.  In addition, in cold environments the water may freeze and create slip, trip and fall hazards.

Where you install your speed humps is also vitally important for ensuring safe vehicle operation. Too close to a stop sign may result in motor vehicle accidents due to stopping abruptly and taking off with excessive speed to avoid oncoming traffic.

If you would like to install a speed hump, you should consult manuals such as CalTrans’ traffic design manual and conduct an analysis of your parking lots and streets.   Calling in the local police department’s traffic engineer is probably the safest to avoid liability.



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