State grants Sexual Offenders the right to volunteer at schools even if they are not parents or family

AB326 of 2013 has amended California Penal Code 626.81 to allow registered sex offenders the right to volunteer at a school site even if they are not a parent or family member of a student.  Reading the news of this bill you may think that there is a serious shortage of  school volunteers in California.  However, this bill is really aimed at making it more costly and increasing parent and student awareness that a registered sex offender is on campus.

Just last year, parents were outraged when they found out that a parochial school administrator allowed a sex offender on campus without notifying the parents.  AB326 requires that the CAO give written permission to the registered sex offender and that a written notice be sent to parents 14 days prior to the sex offenders arrival on campus.  The thought is that if the CAO has to notify all the parents on a campus, the cost to do so would be prohibitive and that the public outrage from the parents/loss of ADA funding may be enough to discourage the use of sex offender volunteers.

Registered sex offenders have always had the right to observe their child in class or conduct other official business on a school campus. 



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