Cyber Security Tips

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Steal these 30 cyber safety tips – it’s not a crime.

October is National Cyber Safety Awareness Month and that means that the hackers are out in full force testing your systems before you secure them.  In 2013, Google put together a collection of great cyber safety tips you should implement today.  Not only are these great tips for you, but they are wonderful tips to teach to your students and your children which will provide a life long lesson in keeping them safe online.

Here’s the 30 tips in an easy to read format from :

  1. Learn how to remote wipe your device
  2. 1 in 3 share passwords, don’t do it
  3. Keep your account safer using two step verification
  4. Flag inappropriate content
  5. Create strong passwords, don’t use password as your password
  6. Lock your screens
  7. Secure your WiFi network
  8. Think before you share
  9. Keep your software up-to-date
  10. Leave a virtual key under the mat
  11. Stop and look before downloading
  12. Learn how to decipher suspicious text or email
  13. Only install software from trusted sources
  14. Don’t ignore online warnings
  15. Be an online sleuth
  16. Secure your router
  17. Run antivirus software
  18. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  19. Don’t reply to suspicious messages
  20. Log out of public or shared computers
  21. Don’t reuse your passwords
  22. Report spam, scams and phishing
  23. Look for the S in HTTPS
  24. Don’t send sensitive information by email
  25. Use a secure browser
  26. Uploading a video just for friends and family? Set it to private or unlisted on YouTube, Vimeo
  27. Get to know your email settings
  28. Back up your data online, but home backups are still safer
  29. To share or not to share, that is the question
  30. Do the most sensitive tasks from your own devices and accounts
Cyber Security Tips
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