Stocking Stuffer Grant

Wilmes, LLC and Santa Claus have partnered up to put a little extra green in your stocking this year.  Welcome to the Stocking Stuffer Grant!

Santa has $500 to spend and wants to give it your school to do something amazing.  He only has $500 and one lucky school will get the whole $500 to make their wishes come true.  So, if your school has been nice all year, tell Santa what you want below. And it’s as quick as sitting on Santa’s lap, so get to it!

For all you naughty schools, here’s Santa’s rules:  Only one $500 grant will be awarded.  The check will be issued to the School’s name.  You must complete the form below.  The Stocking Stuffer must be used for the original purpose.  You must follow up with Santa to show you used the Stocking Stuffer.

Last day to tell Santa: December 31st.

Send us a note and we will get back to you before you know it.

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