How to stop measles in its tracks with these powerful tips

Measles and Disney.  Two words no one wants to hear smashed together.  But the reality is that measles went mainstream after so many years of being a weakling of a disease.  It’s back with a vengeance and putting a dent in educations’ average daily attendance.  So what can educators do to stop measles from wreaking havoc on ADA counts and the flow of dollars.  Here’s a few tips to put measles back in Pandora’s box:

Stopping measles

  • In 2010, legislation was passed that prohibited 6th graders from moving to the 7th grade if they didn’t have a whooping cough vaccination.  Secretly, the legislation also included measles.  Make sure that your staff is checking for all vaccinations listed in the 2010 legislation.  Read more here
  • Report any cases of measles immediately by phone to your local health department as outlined in Title 17, Section 2500(j)
  • Report any suspected cases of measles the same way
  • Send students home if they have measles until medically cleared.  Again, Title 17, Section 2500 supports this
  • Educate staff about measles -what it looks like, how long it takes to develop, reporting and the like
  • Educate parents about keeping students home if they suspect measles
  • Increase the frequency of deep cleaning in classrooms and gyms at your school
  • Use disinfectants and other cleaners that are effective in the fight against measles – not all are created equally
  • Update your pandemic plans
  • Practice your pandemic plans


Below is the list of reportable diseases in California.  These should be reported if suspected or if you have an actual case.

Image 1 within § 2500. Reporting to the Local Health Authority.


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