Stop relying on technology – it isn’t that good. JFK is living proof.

This has been on my mind for sometime now and last night while listening to NPR that the crystals started to harden.  Technology really isn’t that good.  I’ve been on this planet for more than 40 years.  And for those 40 years, I have heard time and time again about the single-bullet theory.  Yes, John F. Kennedy’s assassination.    So why is the assassination of a U.S. President important to risk management?  Simply because it illustrates that we rely on technology to answer questions for us.  We forgo the elementary way of getting things done.  We pass by, pass over, discount and otherwise set aside what really matters.

Look JFK’s assassination should be easy enough to solve with all the high technologies that exist today.  We have computer models of every firearm and ballistic combination.  We know how wind affects flight patterns, we know the distance of the shooter, we know the speed of travel, we know all of the variables.  We even have the assassination on video.  And still more than 5 decades have passed without a solid conclusion to the answer that plagues America.  Why is that?  Technology can’t always figure out reality.

If technology was truly the answer, then everyone that started an online business would be a billionaire.  Paying for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads would work.   Emails would always get thru and text messages would never be misunderstood.  But let’s sit back for a moment and let this though wash over us.  As much as we think technology is the cure all, the reality is that you cannot escape what it means to be human.

That is this – we must interact with people.  Take in  all of their communications that their body and voice gives off.  Let our gut and intuition guide us.  And we must have trust.  The whole concept that we can rely on technology is becoming counter productive to our society and to take it a step further, we use less technology that is available to us to make serious decisions.  Let me say that another way.

While we shouldn’t solely rely on tech, we should use it wisely.  And when we have the opportunity to use it to our benefit and make serious decisions, we shouldn’t use less that we need.

And the final thought: What’s disturbing is that we base our internal accident investigations on far less that the Warren Commission ever has to decide the fate of our employees and their families.

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