This Chin Strap Could Save Your Life

Each year thousands of people suffer head injuries while wearing hard hats.  Whether working in a tree or on the ground, workers slip and fall which causes their body to violently shift and whips their head back.  The sudden jolt causes their hard hat to dislodge from their cranium leaving them to strike the ground without protection.  All of this could have been prevented with a simple chin strap.  chin strap

Mountain and rock climbers have known this for years and their gear shows it.  So have bicyclists, skateboards, and motorcyclists.  The question is – why have we as safety and risk management professionals failed to require the simple chin strap for our tree service workers and construction workers?  Slip and falls can happen anywhere and they often do.  Having a chin strap will keep your hard hat in place and protect your coconut from cracking if you do tumble. It’s time we upgrade our gear and provide a higher level of protection for our employees who entrust us with their lives every day.

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