Student Records Must be Transfered in 10 Days

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People love to procrastinate and especially when there’s no money to do something in the first place. Over the last 5 years are so, school districts have been facing enormous budget cuts and clerical staff are no exception.   Unfortunately customer service is one of the first things to go and if you are no longer a customer, well then forget about it.

That was the case with former students who needed their cumulative file to transfer into a new school.  There are many reasons for this – parents take a new job, buy a new house, etc..  But the problem was those records were taking 2 years to get to the students new school and sometimes they never got there.  That’s what LACOE found.  So the solution?

Enter AB 1799 of the 2011-2012 legislative session.  AB 1799 amended section 49068 of the Education Code to specify that cumulative files (student records) must be transferred within 10 school days of receiving a notice from a school.  Important point here is that it is 10 SCHOOL days.  That means when school is in session.

What funny here is that it doesn’t specify who’s school days.  Is it the requesting or  receiving school district’s school days?  I guess we will try to fix that next year.

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