Superbowl Sunday – 3 Lessons For Your Presentations

superbowl sundaySuperbowl Sunday is upon us and that means one thing – the greatest presentation of products, services, business and the people who play the game.   Many Americans around the country will get together later today in anticipation of a great game, but many more Americans will be watching for something else – the Superbowl Ads.  Why do we wait all year to see these ads?   Why do companies spend all year working and refining their ads?  Why do we talk about these ads for many months after, sometimes years (think Apple’s 1984 ad) afterward?  Because they are the very best presentation of the thing they represent.

Here’s 3 tips to help you make the very best presentation you can

Go Big

The last thing anyone would dare to call a Superbowl Ad is – small.  The budgets are millions of dollars, the production crews are huge, the amount of time spent on developing the story line and choosing just the right words amounts to numbers only a MIT graduate could calculate.

You may not have the budget or the labor force to create a Superbowl Ad, but you do have the time and creative will power to make your presentation BIG.  Act like a wide-receiver and hyper-extend your arms so that the tip of the ball breaks the plane of the end-zone.

  • Use impressive imagery in your PowerPoint. For a $1 an image on you can purchase stock images that communicate much better than 427 words on a single page.
  • Connect your thesis to the real world.  Talking about 1,000 accidents for a safety presentation – drop 1,000 BB’s in a tin bucket one at a time.
  • Practice, practice, practice and practice relentlessly.  Refine your words, commit them to memory and know the entire presentation down to the second.
  • Get some help.  Ask some of your co-workers to give you a hand.  Greet people at the door, help them find a seat, and make an introduction

Be Unexpected

Most of us have seen more presentations than Superbowl touchdowns.  Most of the presentations are just like many of the touchdowns – routine and predictable.   If you want to make your presentation the very best, then you need to make it unexpected.  Do something that the crowd wasn’t expecting – like and interception with a 98 yard run back.  You have to shake the foundation of your audience.  Catch them off-guard and get them thinking.

Be Current

100% of the Superbowl Ads are advertising a product or service that they are selling today.  You’ll never see a commercial that was made 8 years ago to represent a product today.  And you will certainly never lay eyes on a commercial that was run last year.  Your presentation should fresh too – just like the big game’s pigskin.  Hundreds of new balls are hand crafted and customized with the Superbowl game’s number.  Your presentation should be crafted in the same manner – custom tailored for the audience, the venue and the topic.

When I worked for Fortune 500 companies, I would see the same person present the same slideshow over and over again like a bad commercial on late night TV.  And they did this for several years.  Don’t be that lazy person who thinks we will never know the difference – we do.  If you are dusting off the presentation from last year, you already lost.  Start fresh and create a new presentation that uses the vernacular, imagery and concepts from today.

Whether you are preparing your first presentation of your 45th, Go Big, Be Unexpected and Be Current and you will wow your audience and give them something to talk about for months and maybe even years to come.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here.

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