The 6 Super Powers of a Great Risk Manager

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Risk Managers are tasked with protecting organizations from every imaginable risk.  Some do this with ease and have huge fans and followings.  So, what makes these risk managers great risk managers?

Some will tell you that they just have better skills than most people and they put them to good use.   While skills certainly play a part in making any professional one of the best, skills aren’t the only thing that give them the edge.

Here’s the 6 Super Powers that turn an ordinary risk manager into a great risk manager:

1. The Jack of All Trades

Risk affects every aspect of an organization – from financial concerns to everyday cuts and scrapes.  So, how do great risk managers manage all that risk – they are jacks of all trades.  They have explored various disciplines throughout their lives and have honed several skills, such as photography, woodworking, automobile repair, cooking, computer programming, plumbing, basic electrical work, etc…

In the process they have held many jobs in varying industries and lost a few the hard way.

2. Acquires New Skills in a Hurry

Great risk managers know they can’t know everything and really, who would want to.  What they do know is how to acquire the skills they need in a hurry. Great risk managers have wide and deep networks and they know how to use them.

They stay on top of the latest trends, new technolgoies and future predictions.  They know where to look and when to look.  And they are able to process the information in a record tiime.

3. Communication

Communication is the proverbial key to the city.  Communication is the basis for all our successes and failures.  Whether you use the spoken or written word or just watch the non-verbal cues, you are always communicating.  Great risk managers understand this fact and have become one with it.  They understand that their failure to communicate is even more powerful than any intentional communication they may make.

Great risk managers also understand that a real measure of success is how well you are able to communicate with people from all walks of life.  Being able to take complex concepts and put them in terms anyone can understand.  This ability allows great risk managers to work with everyone from the part-time security guard to the members of the Board.

4. Knowledge Seeker

A formal education is priceless and everyone should have one.  Great risk managers know that a formal education is just the beginning – it’s the foundation upon which a successful life and career are built.  Real learning begins when you explore various disciplines,study various topics and network with people from various professions.

Great risk managers never stop learning.  They stay abreast of the newest business books,read  industry magazines, attend legislative updates and keep reference materials current. They often test their knowledge by obtaining professional designations and then keep them current by completing the required CEU’s each year.

5.  Love to Teach

Great risk managers understand that risk management is a topic few people truly comprehend.  They also understand that if their co-workers do understand the concepts and appreciate what risk management is trying to achieve, the organization will be better for it.  So, they not only tell people what to do, they teach and coach them through it.

Combing this super power with their communication powers, they are able to bring new concepts to life and implement their vision.

6. Mashability

The last and most powerful of the super powers is mashable creativity.  Faced with difficult problems, the great risk manager is able to dig deep into her other super powers and synthesize them into a new solutions.

It is this super power that sets apart the great risk manager.  Each organization is unique, whether it is their culture, products and services, or the environment in which they operate.  There is no one solution to managing risk and while many of the standard solutions are adequate to control risks, it takes mashable creativity to truly manage risk.

Ready to be a great risk manager?  Get to work on building the 6 super powers and build a deep and wide network.

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