The ACLU doesn’t care about the ADA or your well being

Let me first start by saying that my great uncle was a lawyer for the ACLU.  I spent a lot of time around him growing up, and human rights rubbed off on me.  After years of watching the world lean towards intersectional politics and extremism, I have finally concluded that the ACLU is not what it once was and that literally could be the end of Los Angeles.  The famous Dr. Drew rightly predicted the Thypus Outbreak.  And today, something much worse.

Rats, typhus outbreak in Los Angeles: Flea-borne disease in city hall
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I want also to make it clear that my heart goes out to anyone suffering from mental health issues or homelessness.  For those, please consider reaching out to Braver Man for assistance and if you are a Vet, then reach out to Tent Hut.

Bubonic plague – Wikipedia

An Epidemic

Homelessness has become an epidemic in the United States, especially in California.  Los Angeles and San Francisco have become ground zero for this epidemic.  With homelessness comes problems, lots of questions for cities and the public that live in those cities.  While compassion and human rights are necessary, often one group of human rights are traded for another group’s rights.  And the losers in that trade or the “many” instead of the “few.”

ACLU screws the public

The ACLU couldn’t care less about the general population.  The ACLU decided that a person’s right to use drugs, urinate, and defecate on public property trumps the rights of the general population.  They didn’t do this directly, of course.  Unintended consequences, which I talk so much about are at play here.

Los Angeles is still fighting a Thypus outbreak, and now the famous Dr. Drew is, who accurately predicted the Thypus outbreak, predicting a bubonic plague outbreak.  Bubonic Plague “Imminent” in Los Angeles, Says Dr. Drew Pinsky. This is a direct result of the filth that living on the street creates.  No facilities are available for the proper disposal of human waste, and no facilities are available to wash up afterward.

Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Department of Public Health took this a step forward in the name of preventing infectious diseases and decriminalized drug needles.  Now you can walk around the streets of San Francisco and not only see piles of defecation but also kids strung out on heroin passed out in their feces.  A compassionate move for the drug users, but let’s not mask this as reducing the spread of communicable diseases.

I recently had a client who OSHA cited for not toting around a full-on bathroom for their outdoor workers.  Irony? Want more irony, OSHA requires a workplace free of insects, which I have had clients cited for.  The irony is that the streets of LA and San Francisco are the workplaces of Public Works, yet OSHA will not step in to cite the cities for subjecting their workers to these conditions.

ADA loses

What happened to the rights of the disabled here in the United States.  We have spent so much time creating accessible spaces and pathways all to be thrown away to illegal drug use, makeshift tent housing, disease, and depravity.  Gavin Newsom and London Breed have, in some strange twist of morality, codified illegality.

The ACLU sued Los Angeles, giving way to allowing the homeless to sleep and store their possessions on sidewalks without facing arrest.  An act of compassion that slaps the disabled directly in the face.  They trumped the ability of the disabled and non-disabled to utilize those same sidewalks because they are impassable with the homeless sleeping, building tents, and defecation.

Gift of public funds goes out the window

The ACLU also forced governmental agencies to violate the “gift of public funds” laws by giving away land for free to the homeless.  Allowing homeless to claim sidewalks and other public lands as their dwellings provide housing for free.  No taxes. No fees.  It also jeopardizes the safety of the homeless.  Errant vehicles running off freeway off-ramps is a severe concern.

Fighting the ACLU Lawsuit

The ACLU has made a third world mess out of California. I have been fighting OSHA for years, and now we are taking the fight to the ACLU.  Cities and schools should follow along to keep their cities clean and safe.  So, how do we fight the ACLU? With the help of the ADA, OSHA, and violations of existing California codes.  Living in a world with medieval diseases, that were once wiped out, and impassable streets are no way for people to live.

Are jails better

Yes, jails are not a fun place.  I worked in them for years.  However, there is an argument for public health.  And that argument is that there are showers, toilets, hand-washing facilities and three meals a day.  Not to mention that the cells get cleaned and sanitized. In cities with shelter shortages, it may be better to house the homeless in jails overnight vs. creating the public health crisis the ACLU has.

Curbing the ill effects and unintended consequences of homeless encampments

Portland has been trying to fix the issue of encampments through some unique methods. What other methods might you come up with? Let us know below in the comments section.


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