Big Book of Answers for School Risk Managers

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Tired of books filled with theory – we were!  The Big Book of Answers for School Risk Managers – Managing Risk in California is a collection of years of research, practical application, loss and claim outcomes, parent responses and much, much, more.  Not to mention, we cite specific regulations (we don’t just say some Federal law), codes, standards so you can read them too. Managing risk, especially in California’s schools is a tough business and The Big Book of Answers for School Risk Managers is here to help.

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big book of answers for school risk managers

With more than 100 common risk management questions answered, you are sure to become the walking risk management encyclopedia at your school.  We tackle tough questions, like is hot water required in bathrooms, are locks required on all classroom doors, how do we deal with peanut allergies, should we provide hand sanitizer to students, do we have to allow dogs on campuses, do we have to register our vehicles; are we exempt from vehicle registration fees; what is the civic center act, and many more…



3 thoughts on “Big Book of Answers for School Risk Managers

  1. Hi,

    Aside from the typical CPI, Manta, Sensory Perception, etc., approaches, do you have any new, cutting edge approaches to addressing risk associated with behavior challenges in the Special Education classroom? Far too many Special Education teachers and Paras are getting hurt every day.

    I’ve consulted with public school districts for many years now and have researched and examined everything I can find out there. But something’s still missing. Do you know what that “something” is??



    1. Joe,

      Great question. I think you may be on to something – “new cutting edge approaches”. What I have seen is that people forget to go over the basics. You may wish to try MOAB – Mgt. of Agressive Behavior. I would really like to know what is being recommended or what is being done in the classroom currently. Then I can give you that “something”. I’ll give you a call Monday to discuss.

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