1 in 4 female students are raped at colleges. The SaVE Act seeks make the number 0 in 4

1 in 4 female students on college and university campuses experience rape (or attempted rape) – a number that should be zero.  SaVE stands for Campus Sexual Violence Elimination and it targets violence against women on college and university campuses.

H.R. 6461 of the 111th Congress in the 2nd session add new requirements to the Jeanne Cleary Act.  The legislation is known as the SaVE Act, but it is not about money.  The new requirements are for colleges and universities throughout the United States.  K12 school districts are not affected by the Act.

SaVE places new reporting requirements, programming requirements and disciplinary requirements in place at colleges and universities for acts of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, stalking and the like.

To learn more about the SaVE Act, visit the Cleary Center http://clerycenter.org/campus-sexual-violence-elimination-save-act



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