Tool Box Thursdays (Climbing ladders)

Tool Box Thursdays (Climbing ladders)

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Steve talks about how to properly climb ladders! Learn how to avoid injury and be safe!

One thought on “Tool Box Thursdays (Climbing ladders)

  1. Very nice. Good information! My research shows that 60% of ladder accidents are caused by setting up an extension ladder at the wrong angle., An angle verification device is the best way to be sure the angle is correct. Securing the ladder is also very important! Almost all ladder accidents happen when the climber is transitioning to the roof from the ladder or from the roof back to the ladder. There are products on the market that secure the ladder, and verify the angle. I am a bit biased, but I recommend using Angle Rite to get the angle set correctly and Safe T Climb to secure the ladder. Safe T Climb and Angle Rite have been on the market ten years now. They have saved lives for sure in that amount of time. Our products are proudly made in the USA. Safe T Climb is designed to work on any standard extension ladder and with any type roof. It can be installed in about a minute to prevent a ladder from becoming displaced while climbing or when left unattended.

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