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Tried and true – simple still may be the best when it comes to emergency planning

The world is becoming an increasingly volatile place to live, learn and work. To combat this, we develop highly specialized emergency plans and we utilize the best technology available.  Most of us have integrated SMS messaging, possibly the use of Twitter, Facebook and the like.  Unfortunately, technology is only great when it works.  As the world continues to invent new and better technology, we scurry to build it into our emergency protocols and plans.

What happens when it fails?

What happens when all this technology comes crashing down?  Do we have a backup plan?  Do we know how to go back to basics and communicate a message?

Mr. NyBlom’s fire bike picture above is a reminder that sometimes the best tools are the simple tools.  Pencil and paper are a form of technology and it is still a very useful one in emergency situations.

When we build emergency plans we need to reverse our thinking.  Instead of going for the best technology, we need to start with the basic building blocks and add onto them.   Without addressing the basic building blocks, writing, PA systems, radio communications, staff often don’t know what to do when the technology fails.  They never think to write down the message on paper and hand-deliver it to the school site down the street.  Using flashlights and morse code may be a great method to communicate if all tech is down.  The question is – Have you built these into your emergency plan?  It just might be the simple thing that saves your life.


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