(UN)Healthy Schools Act of 2012, SB394 promises to make schools full of pests

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Here’s a bill that really needs no introduction.   It’s the Health Schools Act of 2012 is a revision of the 12 year old law from 2000.  Let’s make sure that we start off on the same page here, I believe in the HSA of 2000 and for the most part in the update being brought forth here.  My only issue with this bill is  that it is removing the right-to-know notice in favor of  a public health officer deeming an emergency in order to apply certain pesticides. While this is great for the second set of eyes, we all know that in the State of California resources are limited and the likelihood that health officers are going to have time to respond to requests to apply pesticides is simply ludicrous.

The bill also seeks to mandate training for one person from each school district.  This is a push/pull issue here.  Before training was recommended for a person from each school site, now it is mandated for one person from all the sites.

Keep your eye on this bill as it moves through the session.  Listen to the podcast here.