UPDATED – What distance from a building should my fence be before I need an evacuation gate?

The 2013 California Building Code Title 24 has finally addressed a long standing issue concerning gates and fences on school property in a clear and concise manner in Section 442.1.3.  We addressed this issue in a blog post in 2007, when the issues was layered in various sections of Title 24 and we were piecing together information.

The rule still stands that dispersal areas require not less than 50 feet, we are just happy that it is clearly stated now.

Title 24 reads:

442.1.3 Fences and gates.  School grounds may be fenced and gates therein may be equipped with locks, provided that safe dispersal areas based on 3 square feet per occupant are located between the school and the fence.  Such required safe dispersal areas shall not be located less than 50 feet from school buildings.

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